Summer Wellness Tips

Three tips to achieve a fun and healthy summer

The smell of barbecues, suntan lotion and fresh fruit is in the air – it’s finally summer! However, with the thought of trips and relaxation on the horizon, it can be easy to put your health and fitness on a vacation, too. Don’t let the warm weather be an excuse for neglecting your health. We compiled a few wellness tips and reminders to make this summer your best and healthiest one yet.

Protect yourself

Tan skin is a tempting thought, and unfortunately, many are willing to compromise their health for a summer glow. Don’t let the desire to get dark quickly put you in this category. Use your sunscreen every single day. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is classified as the main cause of nonmelanoma skin cancer and plays a frequent role in melanoma, which is the deadliest type of skin cancer.

In order to keep yourself healthy and protected, it’s important to avoid as much UV radiation as possible. Be on the lookout for sun-protective clothes that have ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) in them, or laundry additives that actually add UPF into your fabrics. This clothing allows only 1/30th of the UV radiation to be absorbed by the skin.

Gone are the days of the bright white noses that we might associate with sunscreen. Sunscreens have evolved over the years and can be found in moisturizers, makeup and light spray bottles that don’t leave a white film on your skin. Whatever sunscreen you purchase, make sure your SPF is at least at 30. Also, check that your sunscreen includes any of the 17 FDA-approved active ingredients.  

Stay active

The sweltering summer heat can lead you to seek refuge indoors and skip some of your outdoor workouts or runs. However, you still need to be physically active in order to stay healthy. Instead of hanging up your running shoes, make alterations to your workout plan. For example, bring your workouts indoors to a gym or do some of your exercises at home. That way, you’ll avoid the heat of the outdoors, but still be able to get your heart pumping.

On days when the heat is bearable, take a nature walk with some family or friends, go for a swim in a pool, or explore a new hiking trail. Get your body moving and make some memories at the same time!

Incorporate some nutritious in-season fruit in your diet

One of the sweetest differences between the fall and summer is the abundance of colorful and delicious fruits you have access to during the warmer months. Take some time to research what fruit is in-season in your area, fire up your blenders, and mix up some delicious fruit smoothies for a yummy and easy way to pack your diet full of nutrients you need.

Remember: summertime does not give you a pass on staying healthy. Stick to our wellness tips for a healthy and enjoyable summer this year. If you have any questions about how to stay healthy this summer or need some healthy tips to follow, reach out to our providers for more information.