From the CEO: Celebrating Collaboration in a Post-Pandemic World

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” -Ryunosuke Satoro, Japanese writer

Manal El Harrak
Manal El Harrak, CEO of Sadler Health Center

As we reflect on the year 2021, we are proud to celebrate collaboration. We recognize recognize that during the past year, we have had many individuals, businesses and partner organizations to thank for working collectively to position Sadler as a critical safety net to ensure equitable access to healthcare services in the community.

First, we need to acknowledge the significant efforts of our staff. They kept the delivery of services moving forward and realized that they were part of something larger than themselves. They worked tirelessly to assist patients, community partners and those in need while facing unexpected challenges themselves.

Throughout the pandemic, it has been Sadler’s intention to ensure that our patients have been able to access competent, comprehensive care. We believe that healthy individuals build strong communities. However, Covid-19 significantly impacted socio-economic factors, including income, education, employment, and health. We have been proud to keep our doors open and extend care to all regardless of an individual’s ability to pay for services.

A compounding issue to combating Covid-19 has been hesitancy around getting vaccines. Sadler has been a resource by providing education, Covid-19 testing and vaccines in order to minimize the spread of the illness. We administered more than 5,600 tests and over 7,500 vaccines and booster doses. Collaboration among our staff and with community organizations has led us to redesign our infrastructure in order to build a vibrant community health response. This initiative is comprised of a community based case management team, several community health nurses, and a team of community health workers.

As a federally qualified health center, we provide a critical solution where people can turn to for care with dignity. Our community health response will assist vulnerable populations with basic needs and build trust where they live and work. Through collaboration, we intend to reduce barriers to care in order to elevate quality, accessible services to improve public health.

You are a key component in what we do. Your support strengthens Sadler’s services and preserves a 100-year legacy of compassion, helping to address disparities in healthcare and improving health outcomes in our community.

-Manal El Harrak, CEO of Sadler Health Center

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