Addiction Recovery

Medication for Opiod Use Disorders (MOUD)

As a Center of Excellence, Sadler offers a Medication for Opioid Use Disorders clinic to assist patients who are seeking to recover from addiction.  A case manager is available to assist you through the visit.  Providers are available to prescribe medication and monitor your progress toward recovery. 

We have assembled a caring and compassionate team of health care professionals to conveniently and discreetly offer MOUD in Carlisle including:

  • Certified prescribing physicians
  • Behavioral health specialists
  • Case management coordinators
  • Collaborates with Recovery Support Services and other community resources
Addiction Recovery Services

Let us support you on your path to recovery with:

  • Proper and well-monitored medication to prevent cravings
  • Counseling and therapy focused on behavior change
  • Comprehensive support services through community partnerships
  • Weekly meetings
  • Structure and accountability
  • A support system that’s understanding and non/judgmental
  • Assistance with insurance
  • Access to medical and dental care
  • Low or no-cost medications
  • A holistic approach that supports better patient outcomes
  • A team that celebrates your successes

What makes this program different from others?

We don’t just treat the addiction; we treat the whole person.  By combining medication with counseling and therapy sessions, we get to the root causes of the addiction and help manage the triggers.  MOUD eases the cravings while you work on changing your mindset and behaviors.  

What type of medication is prescribed?

Depending on the individual’s situation, we typically prescribe medications like Buprenorphine (brand name: Subutex®, Suboxone®, Sublocade®).  Again, it’s the combination of the medication and counseling that make our outcomes more successful. 

What is Buprenorphine and how does it work?

Buprenorphine is a more recent medication, approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating certain drug addictions, that blocks opioid receptors and prevents cravings.  Compared with methadone, buprenorphine produces less risk for overdose and withdrawal effects as well as a lower level of dependence. 

Isn’t this just substituting one drug for another? 

Addiction is a disease of the brain.  Taking medications for opioid addiction is like taking medications for any other chronic illnesses.  The medication allows people who are addicted to change their focus from addiction to recovery so they can rebuild relationships with family and friends and live productive lives. 

Is MOUD the solution for everyone?

No.  Sadler knows that recovery isn’t easy and every person addicted to opioids is battling a different set of challenges.  However, for some, medication-assisted opioid treatment can change everything.  For many, it’s providing hope and a path towards full recovery. 

Recovery Stories

Below are several recovery stories:



Judy was prescribed pain medicine after a dental emergency. She quickly became addicted and for eight years struggled with dependency on opioids.

“It consumed my every thought: How was I going to get the money? Where was I going to buy the pills? Sadler’s medication-assisted treatment saved my life. It made me want to wake up every day. It made me feel better about myself.”




David’s friend gave him prescription medication to help his back pain. He quickly became addicted and was abusing painkillers daily.

“Not only was I abusing medications, and drugs and alcohol, I was abusing people. I abused myself. I abused relationships with people. I would steal. I would lie.

The Sadler team gave me a lot of hope, and they were very caring and compassionate.”




When Jannelle was 21, she fell in with the wrong crowd. She made a few poor decisions and got caught up in drugs including heroin. She overdosed when she was pregnant with her first child.

“I credit medication-assisted treatment for helping me to stay sober for eight years. I’ve had kids; I have healthy relationships; I’m about to get married. Compared to eight years ago, life has completely transformed into what I would consider a normal life.”


Don’t let addiction continue to take over your life.

MOUD may be an effective option for you.

The team approach to addiction changes everything.
Find your hope. Call today.


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