COVID-19 Service Announcements

Vaccine Availability Update: 

Vaccine appointments are being scheduled or rescheduled around vaccine supply, which is very limited at this time.

Vaccines are available to all adults over the age of 18 years old.

Please check HERE to schedule your 1st Dose Appointment or for more information call 717-960-6901.


Update: January 21, 2021

The information on this website has been updated. Please read it entirely before contacting us.

IMPORTANT: Sadler Health Center is working to extend vaccinations to those who meet the current criteria of the Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines.  Our supply is very limited at this time.  We will provide additional vaccine opportunities and will publish notifications when vaccine availability increases. 


Update: October 9, 2020

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we continue to ensure the highest possible level of safety for our staff and patients. Please see below for the most updated information on procedures for making appointments, checking in, and being seen by your medical or dental team. 

The following apply to anyone entering Sadler Health Center at this time:

  • MASKS are required for anyone entering the building. 
  • ALL patients and visitors (including caregivers) must have a temperature screening upon entering the building.
  • ONE visitor/caregiver per child.
  • ALL patients must answer screening questions for symptoms. If you are sick, please stay home, we will offer you a tele-visit. 
  • No more than TWO (2) siblings per family allowed in at a time. 

Medical services remain in operation. Please call ahead for an appointment and pre-screening before coming in. 717-960-4393

You may be able to see your medical provider online without having to come in! Click Here to Learn More.

Dental services are operating at only a slightly reduced schedule.  No walk-ins are accepted at this time. If you experience a non-life-threatening dental emergency please call 717-960-4394.

Update: July 15, 2020

COVID Testing Available in Carlisle now, and available in Loysville starting July 20. Please call 717-960-4393 for pre-screening and to make an appointment. Download the forms you’ll need here. Testing is free to patients. 

Update: May 29, 2020

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we begin gradually re-opening to full capacity. During this process, we will continue to ensure the highest possible level of safety for our staff and patients. At this time, no walk-in patients are allowed. Please call ahead for an appointment and pre-screening. 

Dental services are still on an emergency and urgent care basis by appointment only at the Carlisle (Monday through Friday) and Perry (Mondays and Fridays) offices.  No walk-ins are accepted at this time. We have begun contacting patients whose previously scheduled appointments were cancelled due to the pandemic to reschedule.  If you experience a non-life-threatening dental emergency please call 717-960-4394.

Update: April 30, 2020

Until further notice, we will be closing at 5:00 pm on Thursdays. All other days will remain the same. 

Update: April 3, 2020

Virtual Visits Now Available!Cartoon image of a hand holding a cell phone that displays an ongoing televisit between a medical provider and a patient.

  1. Call 717-960-4393 to schedule your virtual appointment.
  2. Tell the appointment line that you want to schedule a virtual visit.
  3. Verify your current email address.
  4. We’ll send you a link to use when it’s time to go to your appointment online.

Update: March 19, 2020

In light of the rapidly changing developments regarding the COVID19 corona virus, and effective 3/18/2020 Sadler Health Center is taking measures beyond our usual precautions to ensure the safety of our patients, staff, and community. 

Medical: Our medical center will continue to remain open. Your medical providers will be in touch with you in regard to your scheduled appointments, and determine whether you need to come in person. NO walk-ins will be permitted during these time. If you are sick call 717-960-4393 to make an appointment.

Dental: As advised by the American Dental Association and the Pennsylvania Dental Association, all regularly scheduled dental appointments will be postponed until further notice.  We will be addressing only emergency dental needs during this time at our Carlisle office.  The Perry County office will be closed.  Once COVID-19 has passed, you will be contacted to reschedule your appointments. If you experience a non-life-threatening dental emergency please call 717-960-4394.

Behavioral Health: This is an unprecedented situation that requires us to show resilience and compassion. If you need support in these difficult times, please call our behavioral health counselors Kristen and Rick at 717-960-4387.

Pharmacy Services: If you are facing a financial hardship and need access to affordable medications please call Theresa and Pam at 717-960-4386.

In adherence to state and federal recommendations, we will be asking all patients who come in with emergencies about any symptoms that they may have.  Please call the health center prior to your arrival at 717-960-4393.

Please refrain from bringing additional people to your appointment, entry will be limited to patients and one guardian or caregiver. We must each do what is within our means to curb the spread of the virus to protect the most vulnerable.

To reach us after hours please call 717-218-6670. For all life-threatening emergencies please call 9-1-1.

We understand the difficulties that this can have to our patients and we are here to support you, we have a dedicated team that is working through the complex issues for the best course of action in the coming weeks. 

As always your health and safety are our highest priorities and we appreciate your understanding during this evolving situation. Additional information will be posted here as it is available.