Have a Heart for Sadler


At Sadler Health Center, our goal is simple: To advance the health of our community by providing inclusive, high-quality and compassionate care. Services include comprehensive community-based primary medical care, dental care, behavioral health services, and a variety of support services.  All of our services are available to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. Many patients are uninsured, underinsured, or low income individuals and families. A sliding fee discount program is available to all patients, which offers a reduction to the bill based on household size and income. 


Good health is central to every person’s well-being, vital to our relationships, and essential to building productive families, businesses, and communities. Poor health or a lack of access to affordable health care affects not only the individual, but the entire family and community. Dental issues can impact an individual’s overall wellness. Mental health issues can make it difficult to maintain employment. Students without necessary, routine exams struggle in school.


Sadler Health Center is the only health provider in the area whose mission is to provide health care services to persons without regard to their ability to pay. Sadler Health Center will never turn away any eligible person in our service area due to inability to pay – we never have and never will. That is our commitment to this community. We have been diligent in maximizing revenue and leveraging grants, but without the generous support of people like you, Sadler cannot fully accomplish this mission.


Your donation is an investment in both the health of our patients and the vitality of our community. Thanks to you, we are able to advance the health of our community by providing inclusive, high quality, and compassionate care.  Thank you for helping to build healthy lives for nearly 10,000 patients of Sadler Health Center. Our goal is to help people reach their healthiest lives through access to quality care.  We believe that a strong community tomorrow begins with healthy individuals today.

Your support will show that you Have a Heart for Sadler, the patients we serve and the health of our community!

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