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Katrina Thoma CRNP RN MSN

Katrina Thoma, Director of Medical Services at Sadler, is certified in pediatric primary care and specializes in pediatric congenital heart defects and intensive care. 

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Katrina Thoma

Dr. Gordon Miller DO

Dr. Gordon Miller, Family Physician at Sadler, provides family care. He has practiced in south central Pennsylvania for the past 12 years following his retirement from military service in the United States Army.

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Dr. Gordon Miller

Dr. Lakshmi Polavarapu MD

Dr. Lakshmi Polavarapu, Lab Director at Sadler, focuses on family and addiction medicine. She is certified in medication-assisted treatment for opioid abuse and is a committee member with the Task Force on Opiate Prescribing with Partnership for Better Health.

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Dr. Lakshmi Polavarapu

Dr. Stephen C. Phillips MPH DO

Dr. Stephen Phillips, Family Physician at Sadler, has over 30 years of experience serving patients of all ages. He was formerly a family physician in the United States Army before retiring in 2017.

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Dr. Stephen C. Phillips

Wendy Oberdorf MEd FNP-C

Wendy Oberdorf, Family Nurse Practitioner at Sadler, spent 27 years as a registered nurse before she was inspired to become more involved in her community. After returning to school, she joined the Sadler team.

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Wendy Oberdorf